QT6 Automatic Block Making Machine In Armenia 2022

 QGM QT6 solid block making machine is a cost-effective and high-performance block making machine, which is independently designed and produced by QGM, and it can efficiently produce various cement pavers, earth-retaining concrete blocks, water conservancy blocks, etc. Also it can be widely used in municipal engineering, building work and garden construction.

solid block making machine

(Batcher for Main Material)

1. Vibrator: every hopper is equipped with vibrator to prevent raw material from sticking on the surface of hopper;

2. Pneumatic System: discharging gate driven by AIR TAC pneumatic system from TaiWan has advantages of low failure ratio and environmental protection compared to hydraulic driving;

3. Electric Weighing Sensor for high batching accuracy.

block bricks making machine

(JS500 Mixer for Main Material)

1. Twin-shaft compulsory mixing system, high mixing efficiency and uniformity. Mixing blades and lining board inside mixing tank are all made of chromium and manganese alloy, great hardness, wear-resisting, corrosion-resisting, good durability;

2. Self-Lubricating System helps machine to realize better performance.

manual block making machine

(QT6 block machine maker)

Belt Conveyor:

Made of imported Neoprene material, Seamless joint, 5 layers, up to 10mm thickness, high strength, high toughness, heat-resisting;

Carrier Roller:

13pcs carrier roller make the structure very strong;

Surface mirror polish, protect the belt from wearing out.

QT6 Block Machine:

1. SIEMENS Motors with great performance for high vibration force;

2. Adopt Frequency Conversional Technology from Germany to guarantee stable performance for wet block conveyor and protect electrical motor from unsteady power. It can save 20-40% power by adjusting the frequency converter, compared to traditional motor. 

solid block making machine


Frequency Conversional Technology help to decrease wet block broken ratio.

block bricks making machine

(Universal Russian Control System)

As an advanced manufacturer in China, QGM never forgets to provide convenience for buyer in CIS market. The Russian and Chinese system guarantees clarity, convenience and stability during the operation and maintenance period.

manual block making machine  solid block making machine

(Finished Product)

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