A letter to Comrade Wang Binghuang

A letter to Comrade Wang Binghuang

How time flies! I was shocked when my secretary told me that you were retiring. My mood is extremely complicated. On the one hand, I am very reluctant, because I am reluctant to leave QGM ZENITH for an excellent talent like you. But on the other hand...

  • 1810-2022

    Non-burned Block machine PLC control Cabinet Common Failure Causes and Detection Methods

    At present, the non-burned block machine in the market is quite popular, and about its PLC control cabinet common fault causes and detection methods, the analysis is as follows.

  • 1110-2022

    How to Deal with the Pockmark on the Top Layer of Block

    During block machine production, how to deal with the pock? Recommended by the industry, the causes of the failure can be specifically referred to the following content:

  • 2009-2022

    How to Do the Daily Maintenance of Permeable Concrete Block Machine

    At present, no matter it is road or real estate, all need to use concrete blocks. And when it comes to blocks, we have to mention the block machine in the market. And permeable concrete block machine is one of the commonly used equipment, the operation is not difficult that block factory workers after appropriate training can start to operate

  • 0609-2022

    The Effect of Different Proportioning Schemes of Permeable Blocks on Permeability

    Permeable blocks are the new environmentally friendly building materials born from the maintenance of urban ecological balance, which have the characteristics of sound absorption and noise reduction, heat island effect mitigation, rainwater quality purification, and landscaping, etc

  • 2204-2022

    How Concrete Block Making Machine Proved Advantageous in Construction

    In today's world concrete blocks are been produced virtually due to its high quality and demand for economical building materials. The block making machine has been tremendously increased in the construction industry due to its various proven advantages in terms of constructive performance, building quality as well as versatility..

  • 1903-2022

    Xi: Teamwork will expand BRI benefits

    President Xi Jinping and Indonesian President Joko Widodo vowed on Wednesday to strengthen high-quality cooperation on the Belt and Road Initiative and the Global Development Initiative, as well as coordination in the framework of the Group of 20, in order to promote bilateral ties..

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