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QGM Quangong Machinery, which was founded in 1979, is the leading manufacturer of concrete machinery and plant. With quality and service, QGM is the only provider of Integrated Solutions for Concrete Block Making in China. There are 500 skilled workers of all sorts at Germany and China factories.

Featured Products
  • Concrete and cement products industry ecological concrete masonry materials and engineering and technical personnel training base were launched

    On April 19, the training base for ecological concrete masonry materials and engineering technicians in the concrete and cement products industry were officially launched in QGM training base. The training base aims to improve the overall manufacturing and management level of the ecological concrete masonry industry, create an efficient production model of ecological concrete masonry, and build a complete talent training and operation management system. Centered on the China Concrete and Cement Products Industry Association, QGM training base is used as a platform to build a world-class training base for ecological concrete masonry skilled personnel, and to create a talent training and operation management system for ecological concrete masonry smart factories.

  • QGM AR Operation & Maintenance Project

    Augmented Reality (AR) is a new technology that can compute the location, and angle of an image in real-time. AR technology also can display corresponding images at the same time. Data information from the real world will be combined with the virtual one, so as to provide people with a virtual reality world in which to immerse.

  • QGM Digital Twins

    “Digital Twins” means that copy a real block making production line in a digital method, which simulates the actions and movements of the production line in the real world. It is the virtual reality of design, crafts, manufacture, and the whole block production line so as to realize the effect of a “dark factory” which can boost R&D and manufacture efficiency, forecast malfunction, reduce production costs, and save the loss, etc.

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