Meeting | QGM was invited to attend the 2023 Seminar on Comprehensive Utilization of Coal-Based Solid Waste Resources


In order to strengthen the disposal and comprehensive utilization of coal-based solid waste and reduce the pollutants and carbon dioxide emissions generated during the resource utilization of coal-based solid waste, a seminar on comprehensive utilization of coal-based solid waste resources was held in Wu Shen Banne, Ordos, Inner Mongolia from November 6th to 8th. Quangong Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "QGM") was invited to participate and make a report.

block making

This seminar mainly focused on core contents such as scientific and technological innovation in the resource utilization of coal-based solid waste such as coal gangue, coal slime, and fly ash, the improvement of the industrial chain and value chain of comprehensive resource utilization, and the comprehensive utilization and large-scale utilization of regional bulk solid waste, exchanging and carrying out the promotion of new technology demonstration projects such as coal-based solid waste source reduction, resource utilization, and ecological disposal.


As a provider of comprehensive solid waste utilization solutions in China, QGM Manager Tiejun Liu gave a themed report titled "Solid Waste Block Making - Green Intelligent Equipment to Build a Better City", interpreting the current solid waste status from a macro level and using QGM's case analysis of the high value-added block making of the company analyzed the resource utilization of coal-based solid waste and provided different coal-based solid waste solutions for the conference, which aroused high resonance among the guests.

solid waste utilization solutions

The report points out that QGM, based on the current status and prospects of solid waste resource utilization in China, vigorously promotes the resource utilization and harmless disposal of solid waste raw materials such as tailing solid waste, construction waste, and industrial solid waste. The pavement blocks produced by the equipment, hydraulic block laying, slope protection blocks, garden landscape blocks, hollow blocks, insulation blocks and other products are widely used in municipal infrastructure construction, highway construction, water conservancy construction and housing construction. No secondary pollution will be produced during the production process, truly realizing Resource recycling and comprehensive utilization, energy conservation and environmental protection.

block making

In the future, QGM will continue to adhere to the concept of green development, continue to innovate independently, forge ahead, further strengthen research and exploration on comprehensive solid waste utilization technology, provide our customers with more advanced and practical products, and contribute to the high quality of the industry. development and contribute “QGM power” to the green development of society.


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