Automatic block machine operating environment and operating requirements


  Automatic block machine has certain requirements for the working environment. At the same time, improper operation may also cause quality problems in blocks! Therefore, we have always emphasized that the environmental standards must be met during production and the operating rules of the block making machine must be followed!

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  Because there are a lot of small pores inside during molding, these pores will be affected by the temperature and humidity difference, pressure difference and other external environments during autoclave drying. If these external media enter the interior and react with them, it is easy to have some problems! And the common one is the phenomenon of frosting! If you do not pay attention to the production of the automatic block machine! This situation can easily aggravate!

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  The product produced by the concrete block machine is broken. Normally the tamper head is too low, and it can not result in the block positioning loose or broken block. And we only need to gradually increase the pressure of the independent pressure regulating valve corresponding to the upper oil pipe of the upper pressure head cylinder, and gently move the wrench of the upper mold while lifting the lower mold, so that the upper pressure head cylinder maintains a certain pressure and can maintain the lower mold. The block in the mold does not rise with the mold, so it can be solved. The block bulging phenomenon is actually caused by the high pressure of the upper pressure head cylinder, which causes insufficient vibration force when the block is formed, or the vibration time is too short, and the upper mold fails to press in place.

  In addition, the mold presses out a lot of water in the production process, we must pay attention. In addition to the daily inspection of the mold size of the automatic block machine parts, the inspection of the welding joints and the repair of weld cracks, there is also the cleaning of the machinery. QGM automatic block machine can produce paving blocks, bloated block, water permeable blocks, hollow blocks, curbstones, etc...

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