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Start from Precision, End with Perfection
QGM be sure of :Good quality, Start from Precision, End with Perfection.
QGM Adhere to the principle of production of 100-1 = 0, strictly control the product quality, and equipped with a batch of advanced numerical control manufacturing and testing equipment, precision testing instruments and advanced control means such as physical and chemical facilities, production and processing capacity has been in the industry forefront, springs work components and precision parts from global procurement, dominated by science, continuously strengthen the self value and the pursuit of quality.

Quality Objective
1.100% Delivery 100% QC certified. 2.Customer Complaint 2% 3.On-time Delivery 98%


To ensure the quality of the above goals, the company each department should meet the quality objectives are as follows:
1. Each production workshop should have 98% pass rate of semi-finished products, 100% pass rate of finished products;
2, Quality Control Department should monitor and make sure the measuring instrument qualification rate is 100%, fault detection, leak rate is 0;
3, Purchasing Department should make sure the raw materials supply in time rate is 100%, outsourcing parts pass rate is 100%;
4, Each office should assess and modify the quality system documents every six months.

Focusing on customers

Set up quality management system which focus on the customer satisfaction to ensure the requirements of customers are being met.


1. To satisfy customers is the goal of general manager, ensuring the requirements of customers are met.
2. Sale department responsible for communicating with customers and collecting the feedback of customers.

Job Content:

1. General manager establishes quality management system which focus on the customers with the goal of satisfying customers, ensuring the requirements of customers are met.
2. General manager should take the requirements of customers seriously and accord to that to put forward quality policy and quality goal.
3. Sale department should study the requirements of customers about quality seriously.
4. On the basis of clear requirements of customers and combing with the strength of our company, we should formulate product quality standard which meet the requirements of customers. If the the requirements of customers are not clear enough, we should produce the product according to the industrial standard to satisfy the customers.

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