APOLLOZENITH appears at BC India 2019

  Recently, the EXCON2019 was held perfectly in the “Silicon Valley of India”--Bangalore. As the largest, most international and professional exhibition in South Asia, this year, the exhibition area comes to 250,000m², and the amount of the visitors reaches to 40,000 with gathering over 900 famous engineering machinery enterprises from more than 20 countries and areas.

  For this exhibition, both Quangong Machinery Co.,Ltd (QGM) and ApolloZenith Concrete Technologies Pvt. Ltd attended the event ambitiously with an exhibition area that is 900m², adapting two-pronged approach that includes the indoor and outdoor booths. Powerfully showing the biggest exhibition area of the block making machine industrial history, during the EXCON. And the number of the orders on site also reached a new high record.


  Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the ApolloZenith Concrete Technologies Pvt.Ltd do not only is the main sponsor for this exhibition, but also it is the joint venture of QGM and Apollo.

  Achieving win-win in harmony, building dreams in one boat. Since 2013, when the proposal of “One Belt and One Road” was issued by President Xi, the communication between China and the countries along the “One Belt and One Road” becomes more and more closer. What’s more, our government has signed over 120 cooperation agreements with more than 100 countries and international organizations, and for India, as one of the countries of Maritime Silk Road in 21st century, India also provides lots of opportunities for us on expanding the South Asia Market. As the leader enterprise of the block making machine industry, QGM not only can actively make reaction to the governmental proposal “One Belt and One Road”, but also it is a business-sensitive enterprise who firstly targets the potential market in India at the mean time. It was in the late half year of 2017, when QGM and India Apollo set up their joint venture. And during this exhibition, the ZN600 was shown, which caught many visitors and customers ' eyes.


  India is one of the world’s fasted-growing emerging economies. According to relevant researches from Oxford, it shows that India has become the sixth largest economy of the world in 2016. And in 2017, the GPD of India reached to US$ 2.4 trillion approximately. So, it is predicted that India will be the country that has speediest growth rate in economy in 2035. Meanwhile, it also  boots the development of national infrastructure and increases the requirements of engineering machines in India. Always believing in the strategy that“Rooting at home but targeting at abroad”, for so many years, QGM has never been afraid of taking the tough responsibility but keeps following its original intention and perseveringly to ship the “Create in China”(High-end block making machines from QGM) all over the world.

  In India, QGM is highly regarded for its state-of-the-art technology and attentive service. At present, there are so many construction projects in India are being built, so it can not be denied that the block making machine from QGM丨ZENITH will continuously play an very important role in the development of the national infrastructure, by providing its most powerful support. In the future, QGM will insist on developing the international market, so as to offer the most reliable equipment and the most wonderful service to its worldwide customers.


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