QGM Group gains a perfect ending in 2018 Bauma China Fair

  In the just-concluded 2018 Bauma China Fair (Shanghai), Quangong Machinery Co., Ltd. (QGM for short) made another great achievement and won large orders in an imposing manner. The total order amount setting up a sales record of block making machine company in Bauma China Fair.


  In this fair, the biggest highlight of QGM is Zenith 1500 automatic block making machine. This top machine in block making industry became the focus of the whole event. During the four days of the exhibition, many customer around Zenith 1500, and many visitors who were not in the block making machine industry were attracted by its huge shape.

  Under the leadership of Mr. Fu Binghuang (the chairman of QGM) and Mr. Fu Xinyuan (the general manager of QGM), all sales of QGM welcome every customer with the most professional spirit and the most enthusiastic attitude. Every customer who came to QGM booth feels totally at home.


  Overseas markets, especially in the Middle East and North Africa, are the areas where QGM achieved the biggest breakthrough in this Bauma China Fair. With the deepening of the One Belt and One Road strategy, these regions are increasingly inseparable from China's economy. At the same time, with the development of the economy, the demand for high-end building materials is increasing. The Zenith block making machine has become the first choice for building materials manufacturersin the Middle East and North Africa because Zenith machines have good adaptability, high production efficiency and excellent product quality.

  A building materials company from Saudi Arabia is not the old customer of QGM. Inthe previous contact, the customer appreciated the quality of QGM machines.After a thorough and meticulous investigation, at this Bauma Fair, the company finally achieved a comprehensive cooperation intention with QGM. The customer from Saudi Arabia ordered 9 sets of machines one time, total order amount more than 20 million yuan.

  QGM equipment is always the first choice for the industrial upgrading of old customers. At this Bauma Fair, an old customer from Zimbabwe added 2 sets of ZN900 high-end equipment on the basis of previous orders, and the contract amount exceeded 10 million yuan. Oman customers have a special liking for Zenith 940, purchased 3 sets of 940 at atime, amounting to more than 20 million yuan. In addition, customers in Morocco, Djibouti, Uganda and other places have signed orders in this fair. A old domestic customers also intend to order the star of this exhibition- Zenith 1500, except the corresponding equipment, the value of single equipment is more than 10 million yuan.


  Shanghai Bauma Fair, as the most influential event in the construction machinery industry in Asia and the world, has established a platform for communication and interaction between enterprises and users, which has played a positive role in the development of the construction machinery industry. On this Bauma Fair, QGM gained applause and momentum for progress.

  The experience concept of QGM: The provider of integrated solutions for block making machine with quality and service. Nearly forty years of persistence that has created a brilliant sales performance. As a representative of the national industry to go abroad, QGM will continue to not forget the initial heart, and move forward to provide the best quality products and services to customers around the world.


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