From March 14 to 16, 2019, the annual Egyptian International Building and Construction Expo (EGYPT PROJECTS 2019) was held in Cairo, Egypt. During the period, it enjoyed a warm atmosphere where there were a lot of people who are the executives and decision makers from leading enterprises in the Middle East and Africa at the entrance of the exhibition area in the early morning. Fujian Quangong Machinery Co., Ltd participate in the Expo together with Germany ZENITH.


  The Egyptian International Building and Construction Expo is the largest professional building materials exhibition in North Africa, which is held every year at the Cairo International Exhibition Center in Egypt and has been held for 24 times so far. As we all know, the Middle East is one of the fastest growing areas of building materials and related industries, and Egypt is the largest building materials market. With such favorable conditions, according to incomplete statistics, more than 400 companies from nearly 20 countries participated. Fujian Quangong Co., Ltd. work together with Germany's ZENITH to unveil the Expo, aiming to attract a large number of potential customers in order to promote the company's development and extend the economic chain for achieving mutual benefit.

  It is understood that the Egyptian government has been committed to infrastructure construction in recent years. At present, many airports and highways are in the stage of being under construction. As a result, Egypt's demand for construction materials, construction machinery and construction machinery has also risen, and the Egyptian building materials market is expected to continue to develop rapidly.

  As early as the 1970s, Germany ZENITH has exported brick-making machine to Egypt. For nearly half a century, ZENITH has become the prestigious brick-making machine brand with the highest market share in Egypt due to its excellent performance. At present, there are more than 50 brick-making production lines from ZENITH that are in productive and operational process in Egypt .

At the same time, there are not only many new customers attracted by the reputation of

ZENITH, but also a large number of regular customers whose first choice always is QGM & ZENITH with good reputation for their industrial upgrading plan coming to visit at this Egyptian International Building and Construction Expo.



  China is currently Egypt's largest trading partner. With the promotion of the "Belt and Road"strategy, the economic exchanges between China and Egypt will be more frequent. Under this opportunity, QGM & ZENITH will work together to bring the best quality equipment and services and provide the most integrated solution for block making in Egypt!‍

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